Saturday, September 20, 2014

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Winter Camp Staff Application

Calling all cold weather Mikanakawans!  If you are 14 years old and dues paying, sash wearing, flap toting member of our lodge consider this your official invitation to apply for a position on the 2014 Winter Camp Staff.  Registration through this portal does not guarantee your position on winter camp staff, but you can’t be on the staff if you don’t apply HERE!

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NOAC Registration is now open!

Attention Mikanakawans!

Registration for the Mikanakawa 2015 NOAC Contingent is now open.  This year we have two great trek's planned.  Trek 1 provides 3 days of fun before NOAC while trek 2 provides 4 days.  Trek 1 is $895, leaves on July 31st and has the following stops:

Six Flags St. Louis
Willis Tower and Navy Pier in Chicagoand the Ford Rouge Truck Plant.

Trek 2 is $995, leaves on July 30th and has the following stops:

Six Flags St. Louis
Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Museum
Air Museum at Wright Patterson AFB
Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Please register in the Event Registration section of our web site, or click here. Be sure to like our Miki Contingent Page on Facebook by clicking here.   


As of Sunday, 8/17 we have 130 Mikanakawans signed up to attend NOAC, that is already more than the 120 we took in 2012!  

A PDF copy of our Frequently Asked Questions is available here. Or click NOAC 2015 FAQ to see the article on the web site.

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Message from BSA's National President

Have you heard the inaugural comments from our new President of the Boy Scouts of America? At the conclusion of the National Meeting of the BSA, our president, Mr. Robert Gates, shared some details of his Scouting background and his priorities for our organization during the next 2 years. If you listen to his remarks you will realize that the Order of the Arrow had a significant influence in his Scouting career.

A former Director of the CIA and United States Secretary of Defense, President Gates emphasized his strong belief that successful missions depend upon leaders in the field. A high-priority mission for the next 2 years will be the recruitment of more youth to all BSA programs, including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts.

Give it some thought. What can you and your chapter do to help the units in your district become more successful in attracting new youth to the program?  Remember, as Mikanakawans we “go to prepare a trail” for others. That trail begins with each new youth who becomes a Scout. Let’s do all we can to help more youth find the trail!

If you haven't seen the video, click here to view it.

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